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Can I set up a free event on Afritickets?

Yes, you can create a free ticket and get attendees information. For optimal user experience while creating an event, please use a chrome browser.

How do I get paid for tickets sold?

The Afriticket commission is 10% and is deducted from your ticket sales and sent directly to your registered bank account or mobile wallet at the end of your event.

How secure are the tickets?

Each attendee gets a secure and unique barcode in their mail that can be verified using our barcode app.

Can I cancel an event?

Yes, you can cancel an event directly from your dashboard.

What online payment methods does Afritickets accept?

Payment methods such as cards, bank transfer, USSD, QR and Barter (Thanks to Flutterwave!) are accepted, as applicable in your country.

Do my customers have to register for Afritickets to buy their tickets?

No, tickets can be bought without a registered account.

Can I get a sales report for tickets sold?

Yes. All transaction reports are on your dashboard and it gets updated in real-time.

How can I get my event published on the Afritickets landing page?

Just create an account and upload your event!

How can I contact customer support?

Send an email to for any form of assistance. We'll be happy to hear from you.

Why was my request approved but I didn’t get the number of requested Terminals?

  • Number of requested terminals not available.
  • The number of requested terminals is higher in ratio than the projected transaction value.

How can I be eligible to get POS Terminals?

Merchant meets the standard criteria below:

  • Projected transaction value
  • Event location
  • Account has complete documentation

Why was my request declined?

  • Event location
  • Limited time to event
  • Low projected transaction value
  • Low event capacity
  • Service not available in the requested country

Why can't I see the request POS button?

  • Incomplete documentation
  • Service not available in country